My Every Day Carry.

Every day carry is a term often used by preppers. EDC is the collection of tools they carry for when “shits hits the fan”. Mostly a bag they have in the car or carry around. The bag contains all the tools they need to survive a couple of days when it’s needed. Such as a medical kit, weapons , food ( and then mostly the military grade food ) something to filter water. Enough to get trough the first days.
This guy don’t need all that, but its easy to carry stuff you could use trough the day. When I need to survive a crash in a datacenter, when I immediately need to replace a harddrive, clean an optical fiber or image a server. All I need to replace a SFP module, connect a wireless console or first aid a server. I am the guy that will save the day, and get the thing going again.

RatPack by Orange Fire.

A Cristmas gift from my wife. This is a oldskool bag made by Orange Fire. Made in The Netherlands. A very Robust bag that will house all my daily drivers when I am on the move. Enough space and separate storage compartments.