DomainReminder: TransIP domain renewal dates to Apple Calendar.

This program is a must have for domain traders. This program retrieves the data from your domains via TransIP API. Including the renewal dates. Because a merchant often forgets to cancel a domain before the expiry of the period, it would be useful if these dates are recorded in your calendar. So that you receive […]

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Setup a simple adresbook database

I wanted to understand how I could setup a quick database for some data. What is easier than setup an address book in a database. In this example I will show you how it can be done. First of all you need to have a CLI with mysql-client installed and a database server , for […]

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Using TouchID for “sudo” in terminal

More and more Macs have a fingerprint scanner on the top right of the keyboard. This is on the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and on the recent Magic Keyboards. With the TouchID you can identify yourself on your Mac. An advanced terminal user often needs to authenticate as sudo to grant themselves privileges to open […]

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