DomainReminder: TransIP domain renewal dates to Apple Calendar.

This program is a must have for domain traders. This program retrieves the data from your domains via TransIP API. Including the renewal dates. Because a merchant often forgets to cancel a domain before the expiry of the period, it would be useful if these dates are recorded in your calendar. So that you receive a timely reminder whether you want to renew or terminate a domain This script saves all dates in your calendar and sets a default notification 14 days before the renewal date of your domain

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Here’s why:

  • Because all the data is collected by the TransIP API you always have the correct data.
  • Never forget to cancel a domain, this includes also a cancel script, so for quick cancelling from your computer
  • Create a new agenda twice a year , and have always up to date calendar items
  • Have the calendar items on all your devices trough Apple’s Icloud ( script is for OSX )

Anyways a good script for domain traders , but it can also applied on other services with api ( you need to change one or two things ). For a small price i will be available for that.

Getting Started

This are the instructions to start using the script.


  •  Apple Computer with OSX
  •  Terminal access
  •  Python installed
  •  jq installed ( Commandline JSON Processor )
  •  TransIP API access


Follow steps below.

Clone the repo

cd ~ git clone

Set Api key in a file in your ~/.ssh folder and save it with <ctrl – x>

nano ~/.ssh/transip

Create a seperate calender in your program on menu / archive / new calender > icloud and name this. Change CALNAME= in the variable to the name of your new calender and save with <ctrl – x>

nano ~/domainreminder/vars

now you are ready to run the script


You can start the script to import all your domains and import it to your calender.

Execute your script

  • cd ~/domainreminder
  • chmod +x
  • chmod +x
  • ./

Now you see in the calender all your domains 14 days before cancelling date. In the notes of the appointment you see also the command you can execute to cancel a domain.

~/domainreminder/ <domainname you want to end>

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